Optimising Development Potential

Motprop Group of Companies has evolved from simple beginnings and has grown into a well-respected property consulting business.


VISION - Optimising development potential is key to the Motprop Groups vision and to their success in providing their clients with a professional, timeously delivered project.

The company is headed up by Ken Fann who has been involved in the building, construction and development management industry for over 44 years working himself through the ranks at Gough Cooper, Goldstein and Group 5 Homes and finally Group 5 Development Services as MD of Coastal.

During this time he managed all aspects of property development incorporating the following:

• Project Assembly
• Marketing and Sales
• Construction/Project Management

Ken Fann’s experience, knowledge and integrity has enabled him to make inroads in to the following sectors in which he is recognised, these being:

• Residential
• Affordable housing
• Sectional Title complexes
• Gated Estates
• Industrial buildings/warehouses
• Offices
• Motor related projects.

In 2002 Ken left the corporate environment and embarked on his own venture forming the Motprop Group of companies which initially concentrated on development Management. Since then the company has grown and diversified into development facilitation, commercial and residential property sales and rentals.

This broad spectrum of services has allowed the development management arm to assemble and package and manage numerous developments across a wide spectrum for their clients.

Motprop Group of Companies are proud to be a level 3 BBEEE company and furthermore are registered with the following institutions:


Our Team & Expertise

Since inception Motprop have successfully built up relationships with professionals and through these associations have a network to carry out all development related projects on a sub-contracted basis, these include:

• Building contractors
• Civil Contractors
• Electrical Contractors
• Financial Institutions
• Town Planning
• Consulting civil and structural engineers
• Architects
• Electrical Consulting engineers
• Fire Consultants
• Quantity Surveyors
• Land Surveyors
• Legal Advisors
• Marketing & Sales
• End user sales and off plan
• Residential Agents

Our expertise includes:

• Viability Studies
• Land Acquisition
• Town Planning
• Engineering and Architectural Design
• Project Assembly & Implementation
• Construction & Development Management
• Property Sales & administration
• Construction of services and buildings
• Sound Management principles
• Township Development
• Home Building
• Engaging City councils, government & professionals

M - Management

O - Organisation

T - Transparency

P - Professionalism

R - Resourceful

O - Objective

P - Pragmatic

Client List

Acutts Motlekar
The Grid Group
Zen Q Properties
S.M.G Group
Super Group
Group 5
Zen Prop
Classic Crown

FAW Vehicle Manufacturers
TL Bailes
Win Win Business Trust
Zelpy 2127 Pty Ltd
Motlekar Holdings
Wingay Developments
Friedshelf 809 Pty ltd
Rokwil Development

Kamdar Investments
D Smillie & Corporation
ND Engineering
Solethu Group
Silvertron 248 cc

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